Our next Reformation Bible Study will be on
       Saturday, April 27 
       from 2-4 PM 
       at Grace Bible Church
           400 Powell Dr.
           Arlington, OH 45814
Our subject for this month is, The Offices of Christ: Prophet, Priest and King. Each
of these offices are crucial aspects of Christ’s ministry to His Church and should be
undersstood by His people. We will examine them as a part of our current theme,
Getting the Gospel Right. Our format will be a little different this month as each presenter
will have an equal amount of time (20 Minutes). Rather than select one text to be studied
and discussed, we will be working from the framework of the Three-Fold Office of Christ from
various Scriptures. Presenting will be:
       Pastor Nathan Branim of Grace Fellowship Church in Lima, OH on Christ as Prophet.
       Pastor Steve Altman of Peace Reformed Church in Napoleon, OH on Christ as Priest
      Pastor Kevin Hoffman  of Grace Bible Church in Arlington, OH  on Christ as King.
Don’t forget to RSVP. We look forward to seeing you there!
Our Next Reformation Bible Study

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